[I Don't Want This Kind of Hero] Body pillow (COVER-ONLY)

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[I Don't Want This Kind of Hero] Body pillow 85 x 43 cm (COVER-ONLY)

※ This is a COVER-ONLY product. The inner-cushion is NOT included.

Material : 2WAY

 COVER-ONLY Size(mm) : 850 * 430 * 5(H) / ±10

- This is a hand-wash product.
- Wash it separately from others.
- Turn it inside out while washing.
- Wash it with care by mixing your neutral detergent into warm water.
- The fabric material may be streched out if you twist it strongly.
- Avoid direct sunlight when drying.
- Do not iron it.

 ※colors may differ from pictures.

All goods sold here are 100% genuine and officially licensed.


NAVER WEBTOON : I Don't Want This Kind of Hero

Naga, a high school student with psychic powers, gets recruited into the crime-fighting organization SPOON. He and his teammates Hyena and Sasa work together to save the world. Can they defeat KNIFE and find world peace?